I'm a Mistress , 30 years old, intelligent, beautiful and perceptive woman.I turn heads wherever I go, my power and presence seems to touch anyone within a fine miles radius.I'm the sort of woman you can't help but be aware of.I'm always in control of how, what and when it happen;in one word "woman power"... Cleopatra had it in spades and certainly knew how to use it and Helen of Troy exploited her sexual magnetism to conquer kingdoms and empires.History is littered with poor unfortunate men who had no answer to woman's ultimate weapon. I like total power over a man for my pleasure, in a position of submissiveness in front of mine. So, I decide to consider slaves with interests in placing themselves under my disciplinary control, in serving my wishes. The predominant element of your attitude must be that of admiration, devotion, adulation, worship;you must visualise yourself in the role of devoted slave to an adored Mistress, performing whatever tasks or services I require of you, attending to me every need and willingly accepting my punitive chastisement for any short-comings or mistakes. You must be convinced that a submissive relationship with a dominant woman is what you want and need and you'll find me the most congenial person because I'll put you through a disciplinary training regime if I'll agree to my becoming my servant or slave...I feel sure that, for you at least,it would be simply wonderful!

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Paris, France

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